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Pett Level Road Roadworks Update

We have received the following update from Karl Taylor of East Sussex Highways

“We have completed the patching work along Pett Level Road as far as we can and the road closure has now been removed. Thank you for bearing with us.

Unfortunately we have not been able to complete as much repair work as we would have liked and we will have to return later in the year. We had intended to carry out approximately 330 square metres of patching but have had to stop work, having completed 160 sq metres, as we are not allowed to carry out works at this time of year within the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Special Protection Area and Site of Special Scientific Interest, which is designated for its breeding and wintering waterbirds, birds of prey, passage warblers and breeding seabirds. To continue works here at this time of year would need a Habitats Regulations Assessment and consent from Natural England as it is within the SSSI, and we are unlikely to secure those consent. So much so we are having to defer the remainder of the patching work until September.

We have carried out as much patching and pothole repair works as we can and the local Highway Steward is content that the road is safe to leave until September. He will of course keep an eye on its condition and arrange to emergency repairs as and when necessary, and using an alternative method of working and temporary repairs to minimise disturbance to the wildlife.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience these works have caused and for the further disruption that will now occur when we return in September to complete the repairs.

Thank you in anticipation of your continued patience.”

Winchelsea Traffic Calming

The Traffic Calming Feasibility Assessment prepared by GTA Civils and Transport is now available. Please click on the link below to view. Please submit your comments in relation to the report to the Clerk by 4th January.

A public meeting has been arranged for Saturday 21st May at Winchelsea New Hall at 11.00 am. Lawrence Stringer of GTA Civils and Transport will be attending to give a presentation on the options considered. He will also be able to answer any questions residents may have. Please see the agenda below.

Press release – 11th September 2021

Find details of the Parish Council’s latest press release here

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/21

The Annual Governance and Accountability return for 2020/21 is available to view on the website in the Annual Return section

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